By T.L. McDonald
Volume one of The Chronicles of Mharc
Genetically created to be superior fighters in order to provide entertainment for the Nihili Empire, L'Hyatt Tsarine Mharc and her family must find a way to free themselves from slavery and lead the Nihili people to freedom.  In this first book of the series, Mharc must take the bloody battle to the stars and in so doing, take the Nihili Empire in a whole new direction​.​
Distant Family
By T.L. McDonald
Volume two of The Chronicles of Mharc​​
Weary of the long and vicious Mogge war, Commander L’ Hyatt Tsaurine Mharc’s rebellious nature is further stretched by the sudden appearance of an antiquated Earth ship and its two pilots arriving in the system with no possible explanation for their presence. The embodiment of the Nihili need to satisfy curiosity, Mharc is driven to find the answer even if she has to risk court-martial to do it. There is more danger than even she can imagine, and it will lead her, her loyal crew, her new Earth friends and the mighty Antares to certain destruction if she cannot solve the puzzle in time. And if there were not already enough at stake, she must decide if contact with a member of a secret race, resembling living gargoyles, represents doom or salvation. Mharc could have her finest hour, or her utter defeat as she risks everything on a belief once held to be myth.

Praise for Revolution

"Expecting the unexpected is only the beginning of McDonald's art.  Finding one's self dreaming of the worlds in the pages is inevitable!"

Alexander "Kino" Beeler
Director, Grand Arc Designs
"Reading McDonald's book, I expected entertainment and received it in spades.  What surprised me most was the generosity she endows to each character.  They are each given permission to love, to hate, to need, and to feel the brunt of the strange, violent reality they find themselves in.  McDonald asks that the reader always consider them as complex, imperfect human beings, as they transport us to a vivid world of blood-sport.  Read and rejoice in a new series to obsess over!"

Chris O'Toole
Blue Square Writer's Studio
"This book was intriguing, bringing you into a struggle that was powerful and strong by characters that you want to see succeed. You felt as though you really knew their story and what they were going through, but more than that, you got to see them develop and change and that was definitely an important part of bringing you in. This book is full of just the right mix of romance alongside a whole lot of action and adventure. It’s a great book for a thrill seeker and it’s something that you’re going to want to check out for yourself. I know that I will be looking for the second book to come after Revolution by T.L. McDonald."

Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)
Readers Favorite

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